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Intimacy is not about sex. It’s not about talking the other’s ear off, and it’s certainly not about being needy. Intimacy is an adventure – the adventure of a lifetime. Being intimate is not for the faint of heart, for it requires honesty and the willingness to reveal yourself… and to accept the other’s revelation too. Intimacy blossoms from silence, and it can’t be forced. But when it comes, it can knock down all barriers of separation, and make you see yourself for who you truly are.

Uncovering the heart

An exclusive dating community

Forget all the sketchiness of dating sites. Here we only let in those willing to grow as human beings, and as lovers. We study people’s habits and lifestyles, their diet and spiritual practices, to ensure we don’t waste your time with matches that won’t really lead to anything. To us, dating should be filled with juiciness, brimming with potential. Ultimately, the challenge is to transcend all those games, and really open the heart. And that requires the right people.

Open book

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It starts with dating, but the real adventure begins when masks fall away and your partner starts mirroring aspects of yourself you didn’t want to see. As Eros starts to waver and withdraw, we have a choice: to leave and find someone else to read piecemeal pages of our “lifebook” to, or to stop running from ourselves and finally face those dreaded pages in our story we got so good at avoiding. As we dismantle our defenses, we get glimmers of true, conscious love, and a mysterious new universe opens.

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